New parka


I'm using the moment when my baby is sleeping. He's one month old now and he doesn't wanna sleep much during the day. He wants to be carried all the time, he likes when we are talking or singing to him. He's also starting to smile more and more and it's the most beautiful thing for me:)

If it comes to shopping right now, for me it's only online because of my busy mummy schedule :) There's so many great online stores out there! Recently I got this new parka. It's really cozy, warm and looks great.

Sorry again for quality of this photos! My reflex camera is being repaired:)

And my hansome sunshine:)



Busy mummy :)

Hello world!
I wasn't here for a veeery long time now, but it's totally excused. My little son unfortunately doesn't like to sleep much or lie down even for a few minutes. He needs to be carried all the time, otherwise he's crying. He's a very sociable guy, sometimes it's a little exhausting though but his every smile or look on me with his beautiful dark eyes compensates me this lack of sleeping :)

I am finally feeling good after giving birth. For two weeks after birth I was feeling terrible. I couldn't move much, I had mood swings and everything was annoying for me. My husband was such a supportive man during this difficult time, that I came around very fast. 

I want to do outfit posts now, but for this moment the only thing I can use is self-timer so sadly my photos quality is terrible. But I hope soon my reflex camera will be repaired and photos will look great :)

And my little baby :)

kisses :)