all black everything

Hello honeys!

I have the best time of my life right now. My son is growing so fast, he's responding a lot, smiling and laughing. I'm feeling so blessed to have him. Motherhood is the best and most amazing thing that ever happened to me.

Today I'm posting a photo of outfit I like the most- all black. Black is my favorite color lately. It's classy, looks good with everything and slenderizes your body. Obviously spring is here and all colors and pastels are also in my closet. But black is my love right now ;)

And also I invite you to see my Instagram page and of course FOLLOW me :) I got a little addicted of that, so photos of my daily life are there more often than here :)




Spring is here!

Hello !
I am feeling perfectly well. Spring is here, sun is shining and my mood is only positive. Unfortunately I still don't have my camera, so photos here are in really bad quality, but hope it will get better soon. .
Today is pretty fast post. Just some photos of myself in spring mood :)

I am wearing the cutest floral hoodie ever :)


Spring 2014 Ready To Wear !

Spring is almost here. We are going to hide our big sweaters and refresh our wardrobe. Here`s some inspiration from runways. I fell in love with some of those and would looooove to have those in my closet!!






hello again

Hi honeys!
I wasn`t here for a very long time now, but I try to spend every single second with my little boy. He is almost 3 months now. He`s smiling a lot, trying to talk in his own cute way and he`s very interested in developing the world :) I don`t remember anymore how my life looked like before he was born. He makes me the happiest person in the world. He`s a Man of my life :))

But I am still fashion lover. Here`s some inspirations:

source weheartit.com