Hello everyone!

I cannot believe that I'm actually writing this - I have a son! My little guy was born on 11.12.13 (what a date,right?:)) and he's the most important person in my life right now! I'm so in love with him!

It was actually very suprising, because few day before that my doctor said I'm gonna have to wait for my baby till Dec 29, so I relaxed and didn't even think that I can happen earlier. My contractions started at 2am and I didn't really know what it was. It wasn't very painful on the beginning so I just got bath and went to sleep again. Then about 4 am it really started and we rushed to the hospital. It all lasted about 7 hours and that is suprisingly very fast. I gave birth at 12 am and that's the most beautiful moment of my life. They put him on me and he started staring at me with his beautiful dark eyes. There is no words to describe that feeling! Motherhood is incredible, though first night was very taugh, now we're starting to understand each other and it's amazing. I can stare at him for hours, he's the most beautiful little person! :)

Kisses !:)


Christmas Tree inspirations


I have this tradition at my home, that we're decorating the house for Christmas only one day before Christmas Eve. I moved out from my family house this year and due to having a baby and not knowing excactly when, I'm having smaller Christmas this year, only with my husband and hopefully with our son. But traditions are traditions and I'm waiting with decorating my apartment till Dec 23rd. This year it's all on me, cause my husband, like probably almost every man doesn't really pay attention on colors or kind of decorations for Christmas Tree, so I decided to search for some inspirations. Maybe you will get inspiried too.
I'm mostly thinking about white and gold decorations. Those colors match my apartment and I think they're very festive:)
Also I didn't even consider putting flowers on Christmas Tree. It just didn't really fit the occasion, but as I can see on those photos, they look pretty amazing! What do you think?



Acne wishlist

Hi honeys!

Even though I don't own anything from Acne yet, I admire this brand mostly for simplicity and great sense of style. I saw their clothes all around the internet on bloggers and I gotta say I fell in love. So I made a wishlist of grey stuff I would love to own!

What do you think of Acne?


Life lately

1. chilling with my belly :)
2. some Christmas wardrobe for my baby
3. to do list - I love making them, everything seems to be so much easier!
4. morning tea
5. very early morning bath is what I totally love
6. cooking chicken with vegetables, so yummy!
7. my new addiction - Cinnabons!! Can eat it every single day and I won't be bored!
8,9,10. shopping for my little boy :)
11. morning with my big belly
12. just me :)

kisses honeys, hope you have an amazing day! xxx


Perfect bag

Hi honeys!

It's new week here! I am more and more unpatient with waiting for my baby to come. 14 days left and I just cannot be more excited, happy and filled with love! Today I have some doctor appointments and little shopping to do. This will be a good day:)

Here's some bags that I find perfect for ANY outfit. One day I'm gonna get myself one of those! Tell me what you think!