Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hello everyone!

I just want to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving Day! I hope you are all spending this day with your family or friends, surrounded by love and positive energy and lots of great food!! This is a great time to think what are we thankful for in our lifes. The fact that we can all wake up in the morning, feel good and have family around is the most beautiful thing and we should really appreciate it, cause there's a lot of people in the world who cannot have that.

This year I'm thankful for the greatest gift I got - my little son :) I cannot wait to finally see him! I'm full of love and I'm blessed that my life went that way and I'm having a baby.

Every year at Thanksgiving I'm traditionally watching Friends episodes about this day. It became a great tradition for me as much as watching Home Alone at Christmas Time! :)

Have a great day everyone!!


Sweater weather

Hello honeys!

First of all, thank you all very very much for such a nice words and congratulations. I feel blessed that I could share this beautiful news with you and I can't be more happier that I'm gonna see my little boy very very soon :) When I'll be done with setting room for him I'm definitely gonna show you how it looks like! Now I'm trying to rest as much as I can, because very soon I'm gonna be totally busy being Mum :)

It's been getting more and more cold lately, so we all had to pull out of closet our beautiful sweaters. This is the essence of fall and winter in my opinion. Big, warm and cozy sweaters, hot chocolate, movies, long evenings, Christmas.. I'm enjoying it a lot! Here's some of my favorite, big sweaters.

And on my lips is my new favorite lip balm Baby Lips by Maybelline. It's very affordable, smells amazing, moisturizes a lot and has nice, pinky color! I can honestly recommend it!



Mommy soon!

Hello honeys!

This is the most exciting and happy news I have for you! In less than month now I'm going to be a mommy!!! My little sunshine is supposed to be born on 16th Decebmer. I can't be more happy, my life is going to change totally and it's a little scary, but giving new life and having a little SON is so exciting and amazing and I cannot wait to finally see him :) Right now I'm finishing preparing his room so today I'm having my last trip to Ikea.
I'm so happy that I can share this amazing news with you, kisses!!! 

Mommy :)


Tartan scarf

Hello honeys!

I hope you all had amazing weekend, now we're having new week and I love that. I'm a 'mondays lover' kinda person, no idea why!
On weekend I had some free time so I went shopping and I got myself beautiful tartan scarf in so random store around my home. I love tartan pattern for fall, it looks great, matches a lot of good outfits and this one is so comfy!

I also went to drugstore and got myself ELF Eyelid Primer to try out, cause I've heard a lot of good opinions about this product and Max Factor Transparent Powder which is my favorite think to set my make up and get rid of shiny face.

Also did my nails - natural french manicure is what I will always love :)


Affordable foundation

Hi Honeys!!

Today I want to just share with you my favorite foundation, which is not so expensive and really, really good. My favorite foundations ever are Estee Lauder Double Wear and Make Up For Ever HD, but those two are a little pricy. Lately I decided to give a try to Revlon Photoready Foundation and I found it really good! It gives you a full coverage, stays in place for a long time(almost all day) and looks healthy and nice on your skin. I am totally in love with it and I can highly recommend it to those who want really good coverage without "mask" effect.

Before and after effect

My new lip butter, smells amazing and moisturizes very well!



How not to love her?

I know I'm being really boring with that subject, but yesterday at night I couldn't fall asleep and I just started looking at Miranda Kerr's instagram photos. I've seen every single photo which is crazy, but she really gave me a lot of motivation and inspiration and I was needing that a lot lately. Here's some of her instagram photos.

I have read a lot about organic and healthy nutrition that Miranda recommends. I really wanna change my diet to more healthy one, because I understood that no make up, no clothes will make you feel better if your body isn't feeded properly. First thing I want to give a try is NONI Juice!

Health benefits of drinking NONI:
- it's full of antioxidants which clear your organism from 'trashes'
- gives you energy
- improves your sleeping
- it's antibacterical
- boosts immune system
- clears mind

I ordered one bottle for myself today and I'm waiting impatiently to finally try this.

Kisses xxx


Shopping girl

Hello honeys!
Yesterday I had a lot of things to do in the city, so I obviously entered some stores and tried out some things. I am really into faux fur right now and some furry, warm sweaters. I found some nice things for myself, so I'm definitely going there back with some cash.

Have a nice weekend everyone! xxx


Looking for a perfect PARKA

Hello honeys!

Lately I've been looking to buy some nice parka for colder days. I spent so much time looking for a good one and I think I finally did found great place to buy one! I just need some opinion from you guys. I like green/khaki colors and a lot of faux fur!

I found this online shop SHEINSIDE . I have never heard of that one yet. The prices are suprisigly good, you can find there a lot of very affordable jackets and sweaters for this Fall season. I am definitely going to make some orders really soon!

Those are parkas that I liked the most, what do you guys think of them?

Thank you for your opinions! 


Tuesday randoms

So I had a very lazy tuesday yesterday. But those lazy days are going to be replaced with filled of working hard very soon and I'm excited about that, because for how long you can do nothing!!? Here's some photos of my day, enjoy :)

 Morning coffee - Cafe au lait Dolce Gusto is my favorite, for me better than any coffee in Starbucks! 
 New black watch
 Homemade pizza 

Watching TV shows at night and reading some blogs:)