Bad day..

Hi! I have one of those days, when nothing goes right, I overslept, was late, almost got hit by the bus, my Ipad broke and I feel a lillte weak, probably catched a flu or something. I finally got home, made myself the best coffee on the earth and turned on TV and that's probably the best thing of today.
But I guess we all have to have those days, to appreciate more those good ones :)

For about one week I've been using Argan Oil Hair Treatment. My hair are very problematic: really weak, dry, thin... And I think this Oil is perfect for me. I put it after washing my hair, something about two pumps of it. And it works! Hair are shiny, soft and seem to be healthier. I honestly recommend it !

After every washing I brush my hair with Detanglilng Comb from The Body Shop. Brushing wet hair was always a disaster for me, it caused hair losing and damaging, but with this baby it's waaay easier and I'm not afraid anymore that I'm gonna lose tons of hair!

This amount of oil is enough to make your hair look perfect!

Do you have some goodies for your hair?



Hello there!

Today was such a sunny and beautiful day. I spend some time cleaning my apartment, hanging out with friends and learning for my college, pretty good day.
In a free time I also made some wishlists, just to remember what I want the most or to someone else to see what to get me.. :)
I love doing those wishlist, cause it's a little bit like shopping. Obviously I know I'm not getting those stuff just yet, but maybe soon...

1. Kora Organic 3 step system for oily skin. I've heard so much about those cosmetics and one day I'm gonna try them out! And also I'm in love with Miranda Kerr 
2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation - the best I've ever tried. There is no better foundation for me, but a little expensive.
3. Mac Longwear Concealer - I've never tried this, but there's so many good opinions, so I wanna try it out.
4. Victoria's Secret Cosmetics - never owned any of those!!!

 5. Victoria's Secret Kimono in Pink color. It's just so cute and luxury :)
6. Moschino Bag - classic, goes well with everything.
 Sony Vaio or Apple MacBook - white bright color and amazing design. I love MacBook, but Sony Vaio also looks pretty damn good.

Would you put in your wishlists some of my stuff?



Sunday morning


I like those lazy sunday mornings, when I can wake up whenever I want and have long and cozy celebration of morning. Today I made myself my favorite Clipper Green Tea, some tasty sandwiches and watched Gossip Girl all morning. That's the beginning of the day I enjoy the most. No hurry and no mess around.

I also have to share with you my best friend, my saver and the best thing that I've ever owned: NIVEA Creme :) For fall and winter is irreplaceable, it moistures, smells beautifully, saves my lips, my elbows, and my whole skin. Lovin it!

Do you have some cosmetics that you will be always faithful to?


New nails and ideas for brushes

Hi there!
I want to share with you my new love - new nails of mine! :) I have this trusted girl, who does them at her 'home salon' and she always makes me so happy with them! This time I chose smooth nude color without any decorations and in my opinion they're perfect! I have quite short fingers and small hands so long almond nails are the best shape for me.

What do you think?

And secondly I'm looking for some inspiration about brushes organization. I'm keeping my brushes in brown, not very attractive cup, so I decided to look up all internet and I found some ideas I really liked. I have to make a decision and finally change 'home' for my brushes :)

source: ariannabelle.com



Doutzen Kroes for Telegraph Fashion

I have to share with you this new photoshoot of Doutzen Kroes for Telegraph Fashion Magazine. I literally fell in love! It's so peaceful, full of balanced colors and perfectly illuminated, exaxtly what I like and what I look for in photos. This photoshoot stole my heart, enjoy:

I'm staring at those photos like crazy now! :) What do you think?

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Hello everyone!
Sunday is always very lazy day for me, but today I decided to do some cleaning in the house and organize some stuff to enter the following week with clear mind and apartment.
I also tried this new Manhattan lipgloss I showed you yesterday and had to redeem my lips right away! It's getting cold outside, so my lips has a tendency to crack and this lipgloss made the situation worse than ever. I had to put honey on my lips for around 30 minutes and then they seemed fine. This lipgloss smells great, color is amazing and just when I applied it on my lips it looked fantastic, but it's definitely not for people with cracking lips problem.
This is how my lips looked like after about hour!!!

Honey treatment:)

And today's outfit:


Trying new cosmetics

Hi! Autumn is finally here. I love this time of a year as I mentioned before. Today I went to drugstore to buy some new stuff to try out. I'm really excited, because even though I have some things that I will be always faithful to, I love trying new ones and maybe make them my new favorites.
This is what I got today:

Manhattan Lip Gloss in beautiful pinky color. Smells incredible! I hope it will be moisturizing too.

Beauty Benefits Wet'n'Wild Eyebrows palette in neutral color. Till now I've been doing my eyebrows with brown eye pencil and I definitely want to try something different.

Natural Body Peeling, Body Butter and Bath Salt with Vanilla. Smells amazing, so sweet! I cannot wait to try this.

Do you like to try out new things?:)



So, inspired by huge amount of beautiful blogs and pages all over the internet I decided to try blogging myself. Trying new things is always exciting and I have a lot of motivation and inspiration to do this. I hope it will be great fun for me and I hope someone in the world would find it interesting to see one day.

Today I present you some fall essentials I've chose for myself.
I really like this time of a year. Big sweaters, cozy blankets, warm coffee or tea and beautiful and colorful leaves everywhere. And the fact that it's right before winter and Christmas make me like it even more.